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Air Conditioning With Heatpipe

1. Heat Pipe Technology
The technology that is won by Ezone in ASEAN ENERGY AWARD for the application, is Pre-Cool and Re-Heat transfer mechanism with large quantities and little temperature different between cold and hot surface.

Refrigerant inside the Heat-Pipe (Pre-Cool)vwill absorb heat and evaporated, and then move to the coldest part of the Heat-Pipe (ReCool) and condensated by loosing that heat. This thing will always happen when unit AC-Indoor is operated.

When the Heat-Pipe system is working without any addition energy from outside, this thing make AC unit and Heat-Pipe more Efficient in the case of energy (Save 20% ~ 30%), AC unit is smaller (15% ~ 20%), room humidity below 60% or 40% ~ 50% (Special Order).

With the Humidity that is reached under 60%, fungi growth on the wall, carpet, cealing, or stink inside the room can be overcome.

General application this AC : Room with crowded people and many fresh air like Hypermarket, Department Store, Hospital.
Particular Application : Cleave Room, Storage room, Medicine Factory, Electric Factory.

2. Super Louver Slit Fins air conditioner
The last technology of Fin shape which is specially design for making Evaporator-Coil and Condenser-Coil. This Technology give many advantage, for example Air experience turbulence when passing the surface of coil, so all air will touch with fins and increase the absorb of heat efficiency 20% ~ 30%.


Intertwined ezone

3. Intertwinned-EzoneThe circuit formation that is specially invented by Ezone in the Evaporator-Coil for the using of 2 compressor or more. When 1 compressor running, coil that intertwine aim to maximize evaporator's coil surface to increase heat absorption, maintained Air-Temperature and humidity.

4. Inner Grooved Copper Tube air conditioner
Specially design on the inner surface in a cooper pipe which is made lobed, if will enlarge the heat absorb surface by coil evaporator and the refrigerant rotate along the way, and as a result efficiency of Coil Cooling capacity increase 10% - 15%.

5. Cross Flow System air conditioner
Straight crossing flow direction between refrigerant and air in CoilEvaporator or in Coil-Condenser will enlarge coil service and maximize heat absorption.

6. Counter Flow System air conditioner
Counter flow direction between refrigerant with air in coil-Evaporator / Condenser, will get different refrigerant temperature which is the same as the air along the pipe in Coil-Evaporator / Condenser so air cooling achievement.

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