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Air Handling Unit (EAW)

Air Handling Unit

Casing Flatform
ahu Unit casing is built on a skeleton frame ezone, either aluminum or galvanized steel profiles stiff joints assembled by insertion of either nylon or pieces of aluminum angle industry. This makes assembly easier and possible to put the air handling unit in a location that cannot be considered before Slope design for drain pan with a sheet of galvanized or stainless steel too prevent h e development of t he fungus at the drain water and to maintain air quality inside the unit, and acoustic (sound sensitive) project.

Air Handling Unit Double skin ezone panel has a thickness of 25 mm with a density of 45 kg / m³. panel manufactured by polyurethane foam between two sheets of metal. Exterior and interior walls are made with a thickness of 0.5 mm pre-pain ted galvanized sheet and film plant protection applied. Panels are assembled with mechanical fasteners that can be assembled pairs one by one.. Access doors can be built with the same material as the panel casing will allow a full 180° swing on hinges reinforced foam.

Air Handling Unit All units equipped with high performance plug fans with scaling in accordance to AMCA Standard for maximum performance.

The following fan type are available :
1. Forward curved fans : Volume flow from 200m³/h to 140,000m³/h
2. Backward Curved Fans : Volume flow 200m³/h to 110,000m³/h Total pressure up to 1500 Pa

Electric Motor
Air Handling Unit Factory fitted and installed 3-pphase Asynchronous. Induction motor must be installed in the unit and is cooled by a fan who totally enclosed (TEFC) type with 380 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz power, class F insulation and IP 54 Fan and motor holder is made of steel and painted to avoid corrosion

Air Handling Unit ezone coil to the operating room was designed using heat pipe technology that can control temperature (( 25°±1) and humidity ( 55%±5) ezone coil has won the trophy in ASEAN energy saving award in 2004 for passive heat pipe technology. ezone coil has been assigned the patent rights (( ID 0 022 4033) in Indonesia

Filter Section
Air Handling Unit full sealed filter section are designed for easy withdrawal and renewal of filter cells and, are constructed to house any type of primary or secondary filter of different media with various efficiencies. in areas of particular importance, such as hospital and clean room, absolute filter can be provided to ensure safe human an machine environments.

Tapper Lock Pulley
Air Handling Unit using a type of lock Tapper, we can easily change the rotation of the fan.

Air Handling Unit Digital thermostat setting in flexible application range. Use AC 803 or AC 8800 can be control motorize alve with 0-10 VAC .

AIR FILTER Air Handling Unit (Equipped Air Filter (Washable))

PER MOUNTING Air Handling Unit ( Reduce Vibration )

MOTOR MOUNTING Air Handling Unit ( easy Adjuster for V belt maintenance)

TAPPER LOCK PULLY & BUSHING Air Handling Unit ( Easy adjuster for variable speed)

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