AC-Ezone Hisense Custom

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Chiller (EAMC)


A wide application of EAMC EZONE Chiller Series, can meet the air conditioning needs of office buildings, villas, small markets until industrial application. Electrical panel with IP 55 enclosure class, easy maintenance and friendly user programmable controller are applied in this model.

The EAMC series is designed for year-round operation and operates at -2°C to +45°C ambient temperature range. The standard range in each type of the chiller is design to follow the efficiency of power input, compact unit with double protection motor.

EAMC EZONE Chiller Series can be installed in roof, balcony, floor or other placed where installation is convenient and safe with the fan distance range min 4 meters and heat rejection is really free of short circuit circulation.

Installation unit should be provided, where the area : Chiller
1. Make sure enough air inlet space is left in the place to avoid short circuit circulation heat.
2. The place should be free of heat radiation or other heat resources.
3. Where noise and exhaust will not affect its neighborhood.
4. Where the air inlet and outlet are free of any obstruction.
5. There should be drainage ways around the unit.
6. Keep the unit closer to the power supply for easier wire connection.

1. Quiet and Low Vibration Hermetic Scroll Compressor with thermal protection.
2. High heat rejection condenser with Axial fans construction and blade angle of impeller to maximized large volume output.
3. Plate Heat Exchanger use stainless SUS 316 (anti choroted), High efficiency.
4. Strong thermal expansion valve in range up to 120% cooling capacity load.
5. Cooling circuits.
6. Tube bundle evaporator for easiest cleaning.

1. Phase failure protection.
2. Syslab, Micro Chiller (Carel) protect the whole logic system sequencing of the chiller.
3. Double thermal through overload relay and PTC thermistor built in motor compressor.
4. Axial fans thermal protected IP 55.
5. Up to 4 compressors sequencing programs in a chiller.
6. Digital thermostat setting in flexible application range.

1. High and low pressure gauge class 1.6 .
2. Refrigerant sight glass in liquid line.
3. Built in backlit LCD display and programming buttons of Syslab.
4. Water flow switch protection.

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