AC-Ezone Hisense Custom

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Coil (Heat Exchanger)

Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger

Super Louver Slit Fins and Cougurated Fins
Heat Exchanger The Latest technology of fin shape which is specially designed for making EZONE Evaporator Coil and Condenser Coil. This technology gives many advantages such as the intensity of the turbulence will increase when passing the louver fin, consequently the heat transfer Rate will also in increase by 20% -30%

Interwined-Ezone for DX System
Heat Exchanger The circuit formation specially designed and inverted by Ezone for their Evaporator Coil is using 2 or more compressors. When using 1 compressor stop, and the others running the intertwine coil will maximize evaporator’s coil surface to the increase heat transfer and minimize the by pass coil therefore the inside temperature and humidity can be maintained during the full load as well as partial load.

Inner Grooved Cooper Tube for DX System
Heat Exchanger
Special design on the inside surface of copper pipes at the evaporator coil is formed so that refrigerant squiggly experienced turnover during the journey and expand the field of heat absorption, consequently the efficiency of the cooling coil capacity increased by 10% -15%.

Cross Flow System
Heat Exchanger Straight crossing flow direction between refrigerant and air in Evaporator Coil or in Condenser Coil will increase coil surface and maximize heat transfer.

Counter Flow System
Heat Exchanger Counter flow direction between refrigerant with air in Evaporator Coil or in Condenser Coil will get maximum temperature difference between refrigerant and air as this will increase the heat transfer rate and minimize the surface area of the evaporator and condenser coil and lower down the pressure drop of the air.

Heat Exchanger Flow control Device use Heavy duty component can be control flow Refrigerant.

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